Paris, Museum of Modern Art restaurant
Delivery september 2020
Interior restaurant capacity: 90 people
Terrace restaurant capacity: 200 people

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Conceived as a refuge in the heart of the hyper-city, the restaurant of the Museum of Modern Art in Paris takes on the air of a brutalist lair combining concrete textures, creeping vegetation and a hushed decor under the leadership of the Uchronia studio.

A remnant of the 1937 Universal Exhibition for which the museum was built, the space is in fact a treasure trove of brutalism with its concrete columns, its very high ceilings and its constructivist volumes.
The structured forms plays host to climbing vines as nature , takes back here little by little its rights. Simple lines, raw materials and a concrete column/beam structure were the keywords for Uchronia, wishing to preserve and reveal the elementary character of the place.