The project is dealing with a crisis that European cities are deeply rooted in a past that freezes it in place.To fight the crisis Demolition becomes a necessity.
It’s an active platform where fake histories and realities invite alternative futures and actions. It comprises of the ammunition and the strategy to carry out the attack of modernity upon the scenographic and mummified artifice that is the historical centre of Paris resorting to excavations of façade and ground surfaces, inversions of interior and exterior of the block, and mobilisation of modern “out-casts” from the city periphery as well as a vast archive of unbuilt visions.

The project looks at cultural appropriation using various apparatus in multiple scales as a tool to insert a new urban image.


The gare d’orsay is the example of frozen artefact that is a bad ruin. A mummified orphin that should have been revealed. It has been camouflage for 100 years the war is about to reveal it again.


The new is introduced through destruction and revelation
Uchronia allowed us to play the game of swapping in the time.
The fake realities invite new futures to become new possibilities.